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Kali - Dissolve Everything that is Not Love

Kali, you wild goddess.

The first time I met her, it felt like the rug got pulled out from underneath me. Again and again and again. The deepest darkest places, hidden in my psyche, came to haunt me. My fear reared its head. I met her in her full force. Which can sometimes happen when we are unintentional with the goddesses. 

But, as I got to know her and became more clear in my own boundaries in the ritual space, we met differently. I learned that she was, in fact, love. Her most significant message she has ever given me was- dissolve everything that is not love. 

In her chants, I have met a wild, untamed part of myself. An energy so potent and powerful, it feels as though it could burst through my skin. An energy that I once feared, I have come to relax into and allow. In fact, it is an energy that I deeply enjoy.

She taught me about time. Sometimes, when I chant her, I can feel myself travel through time and space to unknown places. She helped me meet my ancestors. She helped me discover my power in the fire of my own heart. 

She can be scary if we don’t meet her standing in our own power and with the clarity and boundary of intention. She will cut through the bullshit really fast, and she can leave you in a place of brokenness. But she is also an incredible and loving teacher. And part of coming into the light is about how we navigate our own darkness, as it is the unconscious that often controls us. But when we get clear on how we want to meet the unconscious, so much can easily and powerfully come to the light with her. She brings us the possibility of true awakening.

Art work by the talented Rosie Santos. It can be found here.

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I love Kali, and her fierce grace

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