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Traditional therapy has often focused on the way that we think about things. While this type of therapy can be effective for some people, it often ignores the body based experience of feelings, memories and emotions. Trauma and stress, however, are body based experiences. And the past few years have opened people to a deeper understanding of trauma and its impact on people.

The emerging field of somatics explores how to learn the subtle language of the body which is communicated through sensations and feelings. People who have experienced stress or trauma know how difficult it can be to feel these experiences. And often times, because it happens in the body, it can makes people feel as though their body is unsafe, which can result in numbing, drinking, over eating and other mechanisms to cope with the experience.


By learning to increase the capacity to feel sensations before experiencing anxiety or overwhelm,  there is an opportunity to re-experience the body as a resource, a place of pleasure and a deep sense of calm. It also offers a way to build strength and tolerance of the intense sensations held in the experiences of stress and trauma. 

Working with me will be about exploring the language of your body, deeply connecting with your capacity to feel more grounded & centred, and to relearn how to feel pleasure and aliveness, which are instrumental in the healing process. My work is about helping you remember how to reconnect with what is good in the world; what's good in your body and in the world you walk through.

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