With more than 2,000 classroom teaching hours, multiple programs, teacher trainings and workshops under my belt, I bring extensive experience to the classroom. My classes offer a deeply embodied experience of your body, while exploring and experiencing intrinsic themes related to yoga philosophy.


Because of yoga, I have been able to believe in myself, to love myself, and discover how much I am capable of.


Yoga saved my life. On so many occasions. It gave me back agency over my life, my body, and my soul. I hope to share this deeply transformational practice with each student because I know that each of us is full of limitless possibility. I simply hope to help everyone remember this. 

I am also a registered Embodied Flow Movement Therapist, where I work one on one with clients through bodywork, movement, and coaching to achieve physical or emotional goals. 


To do a class with me, or have me come teach a workshop for you, send me an email at theembodiednomad@gmail.com. 



I began my yoga journey in 2007 in Cambridge, MA as part of a class for trauma survivors. After my first yoga class, I was hooked on the feeling and clarity offered to me by the practice.


In 2011, after witnessing the revolution in Cairo, I did a yoga teacher training in Montezuma, Costa Rica in Power Yoga with Angela Boltz. I realized yoga made me feel grounded and connected to myself. Since then, I have taught in Saudi Arabia, Bali, Thailand, Boston, Singapore, and now in Australia. In Singapore, I managed an Anusara Inspired studio.


Since 2011, I discovered Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, and all interests of my life fell into one congruous experience. Based in Body-Mind Centering, yoga, somatic experiencing psychology, and multiple movement disciplines, I felt like I had found a practice that brought me closer to myself, my spirituality, and connection to the world. Most importantly, it was a way to finally claim back my body and my soul from my past traumas. 

As an intro offer, get one free biodynamic craniosacral therapy. This works to create physical change in the tissues through light touch, as the body remembers how to hea...
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
50 min
These sessions work on creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit through the use of craniosacral techniques, Thai massage, yoga, somatic emotional processing, and movemen...
Embodied Flow Movement Therapy
1 hr
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