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Growing with the Goddesses


Our 8-week online

course starts September 22

Saraswati | Clarity

 Find clarity on your purpose with rituals, chants and energetic practices.

Two weeks 

Durga | Courage

Activate Durga to face fear, meet your ancestors and claim your right to live your purpose.

Two weeks  

Kali | Boundaries

Learn to clarify your yes! and set clear boundaries with the wisdom of Kali.

Two weeks

Lakshmi | Support

 Call in abundance and universal support from Lakshmi with rituals to achieve your purpose.

Two weeks


Support the big changes happening in your life. 

Join us on an 8-week spirit journey of movement, ritual, and energy-work.

Tap into the energies of the Tantric Goddesses: Saraswati, Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi. Discover how each goddess presents herself within you. Explore how you can harness her power to better support your life.  


Why Take This Course? 

For many years, we have been working with the goddesses and their energies to connect to the greater meaning in life. They have been beings that have supported deep healing and transformation for each of us. They have been teachers about the nature of reality. They have acted as supporters and champions of incredible causes.  They have offered protection. And they have offered 

This course is a commitment to going deep into the nature of reality. It is about coming into relationship with the beings of the goddesses and understanding our connection to the natural world.


This course isn't for those wanting to scratch the surface. But it is for those who are searching for meaning, connection and an understanding of the long forgotten magic of life.  


This is why we think they can help you. 


Life can be really hard. There is chaos and confusion interwoven with the boundless joy and beauty of being human. We are navigating an ever-evolving world, coming into relationship with everything around us and ourselves each and everyday. We are constantly giving and receiving energy from every thought we have, everything we touch, every move forward or step back we call into existence. Being human, especially as womxn, can be exhausting and we are here to help, emboldened by the power of the Tantric goddesses….. 


As your guides and teachers on this journey, we will listen to you deeply. 

We will offer up weekly resources in the form of written manuals, movement therapy practices, chanting, ritual, and community connection. We will facilitate a safe, comfortable, and close knit community study of the Tantric goddesses. By working with you to help you call in the Tantric goddess to support different elements of YOU, we will help you strengthen your clarity, courage, and boundaries to come alive in your life.

What is the Structure? 


The course is divided into four themed modules with new goddesses studied every two weeks. For each goddess, we will guide you through a different set of movement practices, chanting, and ritual work to enable you to engage fully. Each module will begin with an initiation ritual. 

What are we learning?


The class is divided into four themes:

  • Clarity I Weeks 1-2: Shine a light on the essence of what makes you YOU. Examine your relationship to yourself and the world around you as you shape your own reality. Determine your new truth as we study Saraswati. 

  • Courage I Weeks 3-4: Establish your commitment to Durga, the mother of the universe. Together we will uncover the ancestral, familial stories you tell yourself (or let other people tell you). Strength is born from shedding old beliefs. 

  • Boundaries I Weeks 5-6: How to invoke the wisdom of dissolving everything that isn’t love or truth for you. Remove the obstacles to your own awakening. Embrace the potency of the fire goddess Kali’s life force energy to enable powerful shifts to happen in your life. 

  • Support I Weeks 7-8: The expansive, prosperous fullness of manifesting abundance will come to light with the final module on Lakshmi. Dharma — universal truths — coming into existence. What you believe possible coming to fruition.


What is the cost? 

Price: $485 AUD


For each person who signs up, we will be donating yoga classes to the RizeUp community. Find out more here.


Payments can be made here.

What materials or experience do I need to have?

No prior experience or knowledge or ability is required!

What is included?

  • 2 movement classes per goddess

  • Mantra chant meditations to activate each goddess 

  • Special meditations to connect with the unique energy of each goddess

  • Videos about mythology 

  • 5 live rituals to initiate the energy of each goddess

  • A live opening and closing ceremony

  • Ritual practices, such as tips on how to build an altar, energetic cleansing practices and how to create sacred space

  • Meditation and journaling practices to support the learning from each goddess


Sept 22 - Saraswati Initiation & Opening Ceremony

Sept 29 - Healing & Movement Class 

Oct 6 - Durga Initiation 

Oct 13 - Healing & Movement Class

Oct 20 - Kali Initiation 

Oct 27 - Healing & Movement Class

Nov 3 - Lakshmi Initiation

Nov 10 - Healing & Movement Class

Nov 17 - Closing Ceremony  

Please note that all classes are 6:30 PM in Australia. The recordings of classes will be available on the platform.

By now, you may be asking yourself….



Who are we?


I’m Christina, a lover of working with sensitive people and subjects. I studied human rights law before transitioning to the world of yoga, drawn to the concept of restructuring your inner world to find empowerment. My life’s work is the study of mental, emotional, and physical well-being as an ERYT 500 yoga teacher, an Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist and Cranio Sacral Therapist. Since 2011, I’ve led retreats, immersions, and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Australia, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the U.S.


I am Kerstina  and my main calling is being what in english is translated best as „Naturopath“ , in german: „Heilpraktikerin“ - somebody who touches and moves body-mind and spirit through my own embodiment and the body of work that I have developed with the intention to support healing of the whole being I am working with. 


In regard to this work I believe that through this embodiment process we become more able to relate and listen to self, to others (humans and other forms of life) and to the world. So that we can contribute to co-create sustained life and beauty on our mother earth in becoming more and more cooperative, connected, caring human beings. 


I am also a woman who lives in a female oriented shamanistic web of life since a long time. This shamanistic lineage is about supporting the dream of a fulfilling life in each one of us. And with it’s deep female and feministic roots, it is experiencing and approaching race, gender, orientation, different abilities, different religions and different forms of life - whether human, animal, plant, mineral and others - as expressions of life that all deserve deep respect and honor. 


As a main principle, the shamanistic tradition I come from is emphasising the connection to “the Ones who stand behind us”, orienting and empowering the self through this support, and acting in the world from there.

My work is more about embodying and teaching principles, rather then methods or approaches. THe most important work that has influenced me has been:


Cranial, visceral and parietal Osteopathy,

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy,

Body-Mind Centering,

Continuum Movement,

Wholistic Infant-Development Facilitation,

Pagan Women’s ritual work,

Yoga, different forms of Meditation

Shamanistic lifestyle. 


Christina changed my life!   

Before I met her, I was completely lost in what I wanted to do in my life, indecisive, anxious, always wanting to please others above myself, and stuck in relationships that weren't meaningful like I wanted.   

After working one on one with her, doing her craniosacral therapy, her Yoga Teacher Training and somatic therapy in the last 6 months, I gained clarity in my mission in life which is to serve others and practice Chinese Medicine, and have strengthened my relationships with people close to me.  Mostly, I have been able to know what a 'yes' and 'no' feels like in my body and am able to assert myself.   

I also lost weight and am more purposeful in the decisions I now make in my life, with my food, my career choices, engagements with others and am more calm and collected.  She is immensely supportive, very wise and so knowledgeable, helped me open many blind spots, she checked in with me consistently, offered support whenever I needed it, and gave me permission to open my wings and be my true self!  Thank you so much Christina - highly recommend!! 


Hell yes. Sign up here

Trying to put down into words how I feel about Christina and the work that she does is not easy. 

Like trying to capture a powerful dream that wakes you in the night.  

You feel it’s force and how it has shifted you, but sharing the purity of that felt experience, is diminished by words and the conscious light of day. 


But I will try. 


As a student of her Embodied Feminine wisdom course a big part our training involves getting to know and working intimately with the tantric goddesses. 


Both Christina and the goddesses have guided me down a path of trusting my body wisdom. 


Finding a softness within.  

Learning how to yield.  

Feeling into fluid pathways.  

Traversing my invisible inner landscape. 


Yes it was scary at times.  

To let go of what is known.  

Conscious, tangible and within my control.   

To let go 

And trust. 

To stand in vulnerability and feel immense strength. 


This is so much bigger than what my small words can portray. 


And Christina was always there  

Holding space for us. Guiding us. 


I would look up and see her beautiful face and wise knowing eyes and  know that  I was loved and safe. 

And I was not alone.   


Through this work I have uncovered so much. 

Resources of inner strength, value, a deep love of self and others.  

But my favourite and the one that I am so very grateful for. 

The knowledge that in the dark, I am the light. 

There was never anything to be afraid of. 


~ Susan

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