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Embodied Skin: Learning to Self Soothe

Touch is one of our primary languages. From the moment we connect to our mothers cellularly in utero, to the moments after birth, when we rested on the skin and body of our mothers, we learned how to soothe and regulate our body.

Our skin is the way we connect to the world around us. In times of stress, or overwhelm, it can contract and tense. This is one of the wonderful ways it can support us from not feeling and sensing in moments of distress. Tension in our skin can have an overall impact on our cellular membranes as well. Our cell walls mimic our skin. Long term tension can result in longer term digestion issues, dehydration, etc.

As we come back into states of rest and relaxation, the skin will become softer and more spacious. The cellular boundaries will also start to reflect a more healthy permeability. As that happens, our cells can receive more nourishment. This is also the place where we can also begin to feel more sensation. And systems like our fascia, which connect to our skin, can also soften and relax more. It means that the overall fluid dynamics of the body change.

At the moment, while the world has stepped back from touch and physical connection, we can bring healing self touch to our skin, as a way to sooth and calm the nervous system. If we can learn to be really present, soft and spacious, something really magical can happen in the skin.

I invite you to take some time touching the skin of your arms and legs. And touch from a place of deep listening, rather than just doing the action. See if you can attune deeply to the skin and check out the video below if you'd like. I look forward to hearing what you discover.


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