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Become a yoga teacher and live the life you've always dreamed of.

Alchemy of Embodied Wisdom 200 Hour Teacher Training

So you’re here because you’re ready to embark on the journey you've dreamed of - becoming a yoga teacher. 

You're here because you want to make a difference in the world. And because yoga has made such a big difference in your own life... feeling your body let you heal so much. 

You believe in the power of your body and of movement. And you're looking for a training that will take you deeper spiritually, so you can be the teacher you know is in your heart. Even if it's a little bit scary to admit that.  

You're here because you believe in the transformational power of love and the wisdom of your heart, which you know will guide you as a yoga teacher. Even if it's not fully clear yet. 

We're here to teach you how to hold transformational space, embody compassion and create the powerful classes that come from you being you. We're here to help you be more you,  so your unique expression can make an impact on the world. 


Self Practice

31 Aug - 4 Sept 2022

First, we learn to hold space for ourselves through deepening our practice with compassion, self love and self care. Based in Tantrik practices.

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28 Sept - 2 Oct 2022

Learn principals of ritual and holding space for others while coming into relationship with the Tantrik goddesses.


embodied anatomy

26 - 30 October 2022

Feel each body system and integrate it into healthy movement patterns, while you explore listening to someone's body.

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Art of teaching

23 - 27 November 2022

Integrate all learnings from previous modules to become an embodied teacher of deep & moving classes.

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Can't wait to explore the somatic magic of your body with you!

Module 1: Introduction to Self Practice

50 hours

The root of any powerful teaching practice is your self practice... This module is one of the most important steps to becoming a teacher. In this module you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the history and context of Tantrik philosophy and daily meditation practices​ to embody their teachings

  • Learn to feel yourself in an embodied way, to gain clarity and insight about where you end and others begin

  • Learn meditation, pranayama and mantra work for your own personal home practice 

  • Explore Buddhist techniques for embodied mindfulness as a tool to listen to yourself and create a more loving relationship to yourself, so you can meet students compassionately

  • Find support in an online community after the module for continuing integration and learnings

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Module 2: Ritual, Holding Space, and The Embodied Self

50 Hours​​​

  • Learn sacred and lineage based practices of ritual to integrated into your home practice and teachings

  • Learn to embody your heart as you witness and hold space for others 

  • Learn tools for ritual safety and boundaries

  • Learn techniques from Authentic Relating, like how to listen to understand, how treat others as they wish to be treated, and how to get clear on your experience

  • Connect deeply into the felt sense of the body as an instrument of support for your boundary and clarity

  • Meet the Tantrik goddesses and learn their rituals for healing and awakening

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Module 3: Mechanics of Movement

50 Hours​​​


Yoga alignment has traditionally been taught to an ideal body. Over the years, this has caused injury in people with different bone structures. This part of the training will help you identify your own unique alignment, and tools to see and support the unique structure of your students. 


  • Use craniosacral and movement therapy techniques to orient bodies to health and wholeness

  • Learn how to feel your bones, fascia and diaphragms, and the ways they support healthy movement patterns

  • Learn about true range of motion for the hip joint and how that can prevent long term injury

  • Explore the intersection of anatomy and alignment in pose labs

  • Integrate learnings through online support catch ups after the module

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Module 4: The Art of Teaching

50 Hours

* Previous modules are pre-requisites


  • Learn to create potent and moving themes that honour your students’ emotional safety and vulnerabilities

  • Connect to your voice as a teacher and learn to take the seat of the teacher with clarity and confidence

  • Teach classes that are authentic, moving, and empowering experiences

  • Facilitate supported and powerful changes for students 

  • Learn what it means to be in the seat of the teacher, and how to own your power from there

  • Learn how to create an energetic field that will unify the class in a meditative flow

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Through surrendered, unstructured movement and ritual, we tap into a reservoir of wisdom and allow the body to unravel and unwind from the inside out. Embodiment is a deep relaxation into who you already are.

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Meet The Team


Christina Gagnier

Lead Facilitator

Christina is a yoga teacher and movement facilitator. She has been moving, dancing, and practicing yoga for almost 20 years. As a teacher, she has facilitated experiences all over the world, including in Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the United States. As a yoga teacher, she has studied with a large variety of yogis from various lineages, such as Anusara, Embodied Flow, and with Marysia Do. 

Christina believes that movement can unlock opportunities for self integration and, therefore, better connection to the external world. She believes that the body holds the opportunity for awakening. For her, movement has been instrumental in recognizing and shifting patterns that have prevented her from having greater freedom in her life. Through yoga and movement, she hopes to give people the tools to choose how they wish to shape their lives. 

She is an ERYT 500 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance who has been teaching since 2011. With more than 4000 classroom hours, she currently leads teacher trainings and mentoring programs internationally. She is also an Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist through ISMETA. And is in the process of completing her Biodynamic Craniosacral Diploma. 


Lisa Ball

Lead Facilitator

Lisa has been joyfully dedicated to the path of yoga and meditation for over a 15 years. She first discovered yoga while studying law and instantly connected to a feeling of peace and calm she hadn’t felt before. These practices were invaluable during her studies and later years working as a lawyer.


Lisa eventually left her law career to train as a yoga and meditation teacher to share her passion with others. She spent two years living on the sacred island of Bali, deepening her studies, teaching yoga yoga full time and leading retreats.


Now resettled in Melbourne, Lisa teaches yoga and meditation full time. She also facilitates workshops, retreats and women’s circles.


Lisa has completed 500 hour RYT Teacher Training with Tara Judelle in the Embodied Flow method and a further 200 hour training with Cat Kabira in vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. She has also completed 200 hours of Embodied Feminine Awakening training with Tina Nance.

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