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Studio Highlight: Estuary Yoga

Hey yogis! I got a chance to interview the owner of Estuary Yoga in North Melbourne. I spoke to the amazing Lucy Lawes about her vision, her teachers, and what has been an inspiration for creating her studio.

I was really excited to interview Lucy because I actually did an interview for her blog a few years back. She has continuously impressed me with her dedication to her practice of yoga, both on and off her mat, and compassion for those in her community. She is one of those rare studio owners who walks her yoga talk and is also a talented business owner. Her space is warm, inviting and community oriented.

1. Tell me a little bit about your studio and intention with creating Estuary Yoga.

An estuary is where the waterways meet the vast ocean. This is a beautiful illustration of connection - different parts of ourselves, and people from all walks of life, coming together inharmony and community.

Like this natural sanctuary, Estuary offers each person a space to breathe, move, and cultivate ownership of creating balance and flow in their lives. Amidst the busy noise of daily doing, there is space to navigate home, in community.

I believe there’s great power in harnessing our more embodied, empowered and conscientious selves. It is only from this internal peace that we can, individually and collectively, start to move not from fear, but from love.

2. What are some of the values that you think your studio adheres to?

Three words guide our ethos: Nurture, Enliven, Grow.

Yoga is a daily practice of constant and courageous exploration: paying attention to intention.Sometimes, rest is needed; others, there is fire and energy to fuel exploration. Like a tree, we need to honour the slow, steadfast roots as well as the vibrance of upward growth.

Our mission is to hold space that facilitates this balanced approach.

3. How would you describe the brand of Estuary?

Natural, simple, and welcoming.

4. Do you feel like your brand plays a role in how you hire new teachers?

Yes. We look for teachers who, in short, can ‘own it’. Our teachers are a diverse team, each growing and embodying the teachings they share. It’s not to do with perfection, but the dedication to process. In doing so, this offers permission for others to align to their own truth and values.

5. What are some of the things that you look for in new teachers when you are hiring?

Curiosity, dedication, compassion (for themselves and others), and the courage to be responsible for their own choices - on and off the mat. To be able to leave the ego at the door, learn from mistakes with good humour, and in simpler terms, ‘own it’!

6. What is your best advice for new teachers who are looking to get into teaching?

Practice. As a student, and as a teacher. Be open to being uncomfortable. That’s where you’ll grow. See the opportunities, rather than the barriers. Smile when you wobble. Know your own values, but remain respectful of others finding their own path.

Thanks to Lucy and the community at Estuary Yoga! They do have a teacher rate (14$ for a single class or 60$ for 5) who would like to attend classes and incredible classes. If you would like to try them out, you can check out their website here.

They also have an intro offer of 35$ for two weeks of yoga. Plus, they always have an amazing series of workshops and upcoming events. It is a wonderful studio to keep learning and growing in your practice of yoga.

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