Living a Life of Bravery & Courage: Lessons from the Goddess Durga

I can’t count the number of times this year that I have cried because of the state of the world. As an American living abroad at this moment in history, my heart is totally breaking for my country. Any way you cut it, the world will not be the same as we enter 2021. One of the only things to get me through this year has been my spiritual practice. And lately, I have been sitting with the goddess Durga. She is a goddess that appears at a moment when it seems as though all is lost. In my experience of working with her, she is heart centered courage. To me, Durga is the definition of brave. I am not sure if you feel this as well, but I believe our society is being asked to evolve right now. Spe

Choosing Courage: Lessons from Durga

In one split second, I realized that I had to make a decision about who I am. In that moment, I had to make the choice about who I was and what I stood for. It was the first time that I really met the Durga energy in my life, even though I had no idea who she was at the time. It was the year 2011, and I was living in Cairo, Egypt at the time. It was in the middle of an uprising known as the Arab Spring. At the time, I was studying human rights law. So it was an interesting moment in time to be there. That day, my friends and I were walking around, bringing medical supplies to people who had been injured. In all honesty, I was curious to see what was happening and to witness this moment in hi

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