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Studio Highlight: One Hot Yoga & Pilates

Hey yogis! One of the directions I would like to take the blog in is to explore different studios throughout Melbourne, their brand, and the reasons that they bring on board the teaching team that they do. I am interviewing studio managers, the people who make the decisions about who to hire, so you can get some insight into the process. For the first post in this exploration, I spoke to the amazing Zoe Klein over at One Hot Yoga & Pilates.

One Hot Yoga & Pilates is one of the largest studios in Melbourne. Designed by Rob Mills, and created by his wife Lucinda, the studio is an oasis of elegance in South Yarra. The studio features hot yoga, power flow, and yin in two beautiful studio spaces that will literally and figuratively melt away the stress of daily life.

It is also close to my heart because it was actually one of the first studios I ever visited when I first landed in Melbourne. And in full disclosure, I also work here. It's one of my favorite places to work because of the team and our amazing manager. She is a legend. Here are her thoughts on yoga and teaching. <3

1. Tell me a little bit about One Hot as a studio and as a brand.

One Hot Yoga balances ancient practice with contemporary lifestyles. The studios are the result of a decade of inquiry into Meaningful Movement from yogi Lucinda Mills, combined with Rob Mills’ mastery of design. Together, they’ve re-imagined a traditional practice, defining a western physical philosophy through modern knowledge and striking architecture.

Both studios are dedicated to movement and mindfulness, where everything from the contemporary design and advanced heating system to the signature scent and rain showers have been meticulously considered. The environment blends seamlessly with the practice ritual – from the moment you walk in to the second you leave, every element contributes to the experience.

One is a uniquely modern idea; philosophy engaged with through the body, rather than a discourse of the mind. A spirituality that embraces emotion, sweat and pleasure. A sacred space that is respectful, welcoming and looks and feels gorgeous. As individuals we are one, but as One we are complete. We invite everyone to join the meaningful movement.

2. How do you think the teaching team supports the brand?

Our intention is simple: to elevate the every-day from routine to ritual and create meaning through movement. We try to ensure that our teaching team show up each day inspired. This inspiration can stem anywhere from the beautiful space, the amazing community or just the pure love of Yoga. It is through this infectious inspiration that students feel inspired too. At the core of each of our amazing teachers, is a vibrant, courageous and confident personality. Each and every one of them have the ability to connect deeply with the students, elevate them, and keep them committed. It is through commitment to the practice that meaning through movement is really found.

3. What are some of the qualities you look at when you are hiring a new teacher?

The first thing that I think about when meeting with new teachers is their personality. You can’t teach someone to match the vibe of your studio, it has to be a natural fit. When I can sense a teacher is really authentic, but also outgoing and friendly, I know that we are on the right track. Community is a huge focus of our studio, and I like to prioritise this over the technicalities of teaching, as these can be taught and improved on over time.

4. What are your best tips for new teachers who are interested in teaching?

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. It is okay to not be the most experienced teacher out there. Everyone has something of great value to share. The closer teachers come to understanding this, the more authentic their teaching feels. This is something I really admire and look out for in a new teacher, confidence in themselves and what they have to offer.

5. How do you combat fear? What were the tools that you used to get teaching for the first time?

Using the support of the people around me. I practiced on people that I felt comfortable around, and that I knew would give me honest feedback. I also recognising that it’s okay to be fearful, just as it is when you try anything new! Have trust in the process.

Thanks to Zoe and the One Hot team for their contribution! They do have a teacher rate for teachers who would like to attend classes (which is tax deductible if you are a teacher!) and a great team of teachers (although I might be a little biased). Expect something hot, sweaty, and fun!

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