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How to Create Sacred Space.

One of the practices I have really gotten into lately is meditating with a little ritual to open the space. I always find it to be an incredibly powerful experience. In fact, it was something that ancient yogis would do each day when they went through their meditation rituals. I thought I would write a blog post about my little ritual on opening the space and give you some tips on how you can create your own.

First, I wanted to level with you about what it means to 'hold space'. This is a term that is quite often used in yoga, new age and spiritual communities. However, I am using it in a very specific way here. In this context, holding space is when you charge the space around you with supportive energies.

Materials you might want:

1. Crystals- You may like to have some crystals that you feel particularly attracted to. They will be ones that make your body feel good when you touch them. Or perhaps you have read that a particular crystal supports the intention of your meditation.

2. Sage or Palo Santo- This is meant to help you clear the space of any negative energies that won't serve your highest purpose.

3. Feather- You may want to use the feather to help you send the smoke from the sage or palo santo around the room.

4. Candle- I always like to have the element of fire during my meditation, as it represents burning away impurities. Ancient yogis used the elements throughout meditation. In fact, the elements are actually what we think of as the bija mantras of the chakras. You may also wish to bring in other elements, such as earth or water.

5. Other items that feel special or sacred for you. It could be something you have collected from nature. It could be a statue or something that represents something to you.

After you have found a space in your home that feels airy and light, or that you simply feel connected to, you can begin to start your ritual for opening the space. I like to call in the eight direction of ancient yoga practices. So I am going to list that below. According to this practice (which I learned from Shiva Rea and Chris Tompkins), the eight directions would hold the space as the yogi became the center of the universe for meditation. These are gods from the Hindu religion. You can also research other spiritual disciplines that you connect more with, as this is a common practice (you could technically even invite in Jesus, or another guide you work with).

*North is always in front of you.

North- Visualization, or sprinkling water

Northwest- Kubira

West- Maroot

Southwest- Indra

South- Raksasa

Southeast- Yama

East- Agni

Northeast- Maroona y Ishna

Vraga below

Brahma above

Once you have opened the space, use this as an opportunity to meditate, practice yoga, or chant. It's a beautiful experience when the space can be held. For me, I can really feel myself, feel safe and feel like something bigger has 'got my back'. For yoga teacher, this is also a great practice to open the space of your yoga classes, workshops, and trainings.

Please stay in touch and let me know your experiences with it!

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