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Four Important Marketing Tools for Yoga Teachers.

As a yoga teacher, you are a small business owner and therefore, it is important to also be good at marketing. I feel like this is often one of the hardest parts of creating being a teacher. Not everyone who is an amazing teacher is also good at marketing themselves. But it can be a massive point of differentiation, and the visibility can help you create a following and get noticed by studios.

Once you have a solid concept of the look and feel of your brand (like consistent colors, fonts, and images), here are some of my favourite tools for creating some solid marketing materials.

1. Canva: This is one of the best websites you could have to create amazing workshop posters. It saves each of your past posters so you are able to re-use them. This means that you can keep consistency in your branding so people will recognise you. It is also a great way for you to create Instagram promo images for events, Facebook banners, blog images, etc. Best of all... it's FREE. :)

2. Wix: This is what I have used to build my own website. I really like them (although I have also heard great things about square space) because they are drag and drop. My design skills are pretty sad. I'm pretty sure my cat could do a better job than me at designing things. But the interface is easy to use and really user friendly. They are also fairly cheap, and will only cost more as you put more goodies on your website.

3. Yoga Trail: As a new teacher, this can be a great tool for your students to keep track of where you are teaching. This is especially helpful if you are teaching in your own rented spaces. There is a feature on Yoga Trail that allows you to take bookings through the site as well.

4. Eventbrite: I know that there are some other event management software out there, but I really do like Eventbrite because they have a community of people who search through their events. Sometimes you get people from Eventbrite who randomly book into your event because it sounds cool. Plus they keep a list of all the people who have attended each of your past events. You can invite these people to join your mailing list, or you can send future invites to them through Eventbrite. You can also choose whether or not your clients take on the processing fees, or you take them as the seller.

It's taken me a long time to figure all of this stuff out! I hope this information helps you go a little bit quicker than I did. Feel free to add in the comments any other websites that might help teachers in their marketing journey. Good luck!

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