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How Kali and Guy Ritchie changed my life.

Kali has always been such a fascinating goddess to me. I think because she is considered the goddess of revolution and the bringer of change. She is fearless and wild, the embodiment of uninhibited freedom. As a teacher, and in my previous life as an activist, my mission has always been to create more empowered people. And she is certainly the archetype of empowerment.

In Tantrik mythology, Kali was originally known as being an aspect of the agni, the fire of transformation that sits in the belly. Later, she came to be depicted with the color of dark ashen skin, wild hair, and she wears a garland of skulls around her neck. These skulls represent the heads of the false self.

She also represents the energy of creation and destruction. She is often depicted over Shiva, who represents conciousness and formlessness, while she is the energy that creates everything, or simply form. She also likes to dance wildly in the forest and she is a strong, defiant woman. She's definitely my goddess girl crush and I really like to think of her as a feminist. (To find out more about Kali, I would recommend reading Sally Kempton's e-book Awakening Kali.)

Every time Kali has been a strong influence in my life, I also find myself watching one of my favorite movies- Revolver by Guy Ritchie. It was a catalyst for one of the biggest changes in my life. I watched it right before the Egyptian Revolution happened, which is about the time when everything in my life changed. That's a different story for a different day. But, in a nutshell, this is when I first began to see my false self and started to live from a place of authenticity.

(Spoiler alert) The basic premise of the movie Revolver is about the greatest con known to man. The movie is written using quotes from the Art of War and other similar writings about finding power and winning games. I am not particularly interested in those things. However, the movie is amazing because Ritchie equates this game to the relationship between each person and their ego, or false self... Kali's energy.

Recently, I feel like I went through a really big change. I mean, it's still unfolding. But, I asked Kali for help with this issue I notice I have with needing validation. This blog series is about the wisdom gained from Kali and Revolver. I will also offer some practices, such as mantra and meditation that can help invoke Kali for aide in transformation or overcoming stagnation.

Be warned though, she's not for the light hearted. So while my ultimate experience of her is deep and compassionate love, she is also the destroyer. And relationship with her means having the courage and willingness to consistently look into your darkness. In my experience, what I have found in my darkness have also been my greatest gifts.

Stay tuned for Part 2- Protecting Your Ego with Pain.

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